Who is javon walker dating

We also have a thread wondering if Rivers will play a part in the standoff.

It got me thinking about a similar flap between Javon Walker and the Packers: After the 2004 season, Walker, backed by new agent Drew Rosenhaus, stated that he would not play for the Green Bay Packers again and would retire if he was not traded.

"They want players to come up there and play hard and work hard, but when it comes time to be compensated, it's like, 'We forgot what you've done.'" Walker also said quarterback Brett Favre's comments on his plans to hold out for a better contract last year made living in Wisconsin difficult, and he felt it was unfair that the team let Favre interfere with Walker's squabble with management.

He had 1 decent year in Denver before recurring knee injuries and Brandon Marshall made him expendable.

Walker said he would not show up for training camp or come back at all for the final season of his contract regardless of whether Favre decided to retire or return.

He said he'll repay the Packers the prorated portion of his signing bonus to leave Green Bay.

- Greed may ruin a good thing that we have going with the Rivers-to-VJ combination, and both players will likely suffer if VJ sits out or leaves.

Looking at Favre's stats in 20, it is amazing how bad he did when he didn't have a go-to receiver.

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