User control in updatepanel not updating

Example: The sign-up user control also has a Rad Ajax Panel which I set it's property Client Events-On Response End="Initiate Ajax Request" After doing that, the Login user control was updated as needed. The Enroll form was in its own Rad Ajax Panel so it did not use Rad Ajax Manager.

I am not sure what adding the Ajax Manager to itself as an Ajax Setting does but it worked. Also what is the argument that ajax Request(arg) takes? Sorry to hijack your thread chris but is the question at hand "how to refresh a control (control2) which is located within a Content Place Holder other than the Content Place Holder containing the Ajaxified control (control1) which is to initiate the refresh operation? Or in other words when control1 creates an Ajax Post Back you want control2 to be refreshed, even though they are in different Content Place Holders? I only use Rad Ajax Manager to update the second control (the Login control).

I know, this is getting complex, but just bare with me. Because the Parent really can’t capture the event firing on the control since it is localized to the User Control. Now for the Parent page markup: So in all this will update a label’s text on the Parent page to equal that of the Selected Item. Don’t be dumb like me and forget that when testing.

Now imagine, if you will, you want the Parent page’s Update Panel to trigger off of the mentioned Drop Down List.

You can also gather the user info programmatically. If not, it shows the login form, if they are logged in, it shows the user info.

On the final step of the sign-up wizard, I have a Finish button which, when clicked, generates a username, adds the user to the database, logs in the user and then shows them the last Rad Page View in a Rad Multi Page.

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Upon successful completion of signing up, I want to refresh the Login User Control so that it displays the user's info rather than the login form. Hello chris_cf, To display the user's info you can use built in Manage Users control - it should be set in View mode ( by default there are three modes - View, Edit, Insert. It checks to see if the current user is authenticated.

I am only new to the Telerik controls and have inherited an existing system from another developer and am faced with a similar problem to what I have described above. Hi, I have some same kind of functionality where i have two user controlers on one page, and each user control has save page which redirects to other usercontrol view on button click.

on this button click i have response.redirect - how to make this call ajaxify ?

However, I would like the ability to refresh the custom user control AFTER the Finish button is pressend and AFTER the user is created in the db.

To further clarify, the sign up form is a custom user control as well. Hi chris_cf, To update the other control I think that the best way is using Ajax Manager control. The controls you have are on a page, so that you should add Ajax Manager on the same page and in one of your controls you can find the manager on Page_Load, then update the control you want.

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