Too fast in dating

Hey, some people fall harder than others or just feel things more intensely.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn’t try to be more cautious.

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If this has happened before, then it's probably a dating pattern that you’re just used to. You two are getting to know each other while still experiencing that feeling of mystery, and seeing them, not to mention kissing them, gives you a rush of adrenaline.It’s more than easy to get swept up in these feelings of lust and start moving fast… There are two main kinds of new couples out there: the couple that is hesitant of being vulnerable and takes things slowly…We talked or texted every single moment we weren’t together. They start to like what their partner likes, they do things their partner wants to do, and they stop doing what they like - they basically start to lose their identity.It is of course totally fine to adopt some of your S.

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