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In a horrific incident in 2013, a microbus driver harassed a girl, then ran her over multiple times when she refused to move until her family arrived to deal with him, killing her.Nobody stopped him, and he got off for being a juvenile.Meanwhile, there is a religious discourse that through the extreme objectification of women regards the mere act of a woman's leaving her house as a proof of the woman's lack of virtue, therefore making her in their minds a legitimate target for inappropriate sexual approaches and harassment.As a result of incorrect upbringing, some girls blame harassment on themselves.But police themselves are part of the problem in Egypt.

Emad managed to collect 73 stories from women all over Egypt and of different age groups through her online campaign.

Some men have actually sent me stories of their intervening.” Targeting a younger generation, Not Guilty reaches out to school children.

The 5-year-old organization educates and informs them about what they should do if they are ever inappropriately touched in group sessions, getting the idea through using puppets, songs, coloring books, cards about feelings and skits.

Security forces do not shy away from harassment, whether acting on their own or on orders, experts said.

There are documented accounts of girls raped inside security vehicles.

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