Sex chat bot personality forge

A chatbot is a program meant to mimic human responses and interact with people as a human would.

Tay, a chatbot attached to an artificial intelligence developed by Microsoft’s Technology and Research team and Bing search engine team was not only designed to do just that, it learned about human conversation from the internet by interacting with people on Twitter.

They are as old as chatrooms, including the bulletin board systems that dominated the internet before the invention and adoption of the web.

The Smarter Child bot on AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger) had 10 million active users and processed 1 billion messages per day.

Web Sites where the user can create their own Chat Bot for Free or for a fee.

It is also a name similar to Hector, the Troyan hero, Achille's enemy.

Actually, Achille killed Hector, but I hope here, they will make peace.

This bot won first prize in the 2007 and the 2008 Chatterbot Challenge.

The Billy Project is home to my natural language processing artificial intelligence research.

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