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It’s the third biggest church and the largest marble building in the world.The construction of the cathedral started in 1386 under the reign of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and was completed during the Napoleonic era.Over a thousand years ago, pilgrims used to travel all the way from England to Rome, among them Sigeric the Serious Archbishop of Canterbury did it to receive his symbols from the Pope.The pilgrims' route continued to Jerusalem through the port of Brindisi along the ancient Via Appia.The tower's terminal plan collapsed in the 1851 earthquake leading to the construction of the current spire inspired by the bell tower of the Venosa cathedral.The bell tower contrasts strongly with the present Baroque appearance of the cathedral which has undergone many reconstructions that make it difficult to study.

The sculpted bestiary and decorated capitals give a magnificent idea of the style and its origins.The gigantic cathedral in white marble extends over 157 m in length and has 5 ships. Cataldo, it was built by Byzantines in the second half of the X century, during the reconstruction work of the city ordered by Emperor Niceforo II Foca.The cathedral of San Cataldo is the oldest Apulian cathedral, in Taranto. In the last years of the eleventh century, the Byzantine plant was rebuilt and the present basilic cathedral was built.The Ferentino Cathedral is a Romanesque Roman Catholic cathedral, dedicated to the Saints John and Paul, 2nd-century martyrs from Rome.The present cathedral stands on the site of the town's ancient acropolis.

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