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The young man, who lives in Western Australia, was visiting his sister in Tasmania for the week when he failed to regain consciousness.

Earlier on Saturday, he had suffered flu-like symptoms - but he later died in hospital after contracting a deadly W strain of the disease.'He had been vomiting and I tried talking to him, but he couldn't talk to me.

I only heard about the Men ACWY vaccine the week that Lauren was due to start at university in Bournemouth.'The younger sister of a teenage Australian boy who tragically died after he was struck down with meningococcal has today spoken of his harrowing final moments.

Lucy Dunham and her 19-year-old brother Lloyd were on their way to the airport when he suddenly fell ill in the backseat of the car over the weekend.

Older teenagers and university students are encouraged to get the vaccine to protect themselves against the deadly bacteria.

This group is thought to be at a higher risk of infection because they mix closely with lots of new people - some of whom may unknowingly carry the meningococcal bacteria at the back of their noses and throats.

Between March 2013 and February 2016 there were outbreaks on five US campuses.

Health leaders in the UK are encouraging soon-to-be university students to get vaccinated to protect against a deadlier strain of meningitis known as group W meningococcal disease (Men W). Several adults with Men W have had mainly gastrointestinal symptoms but without the typical rash that most people associate with meningitis.

As as a result, they have progressed rapidly to death.

Charlotte Hannibal, 21, from Nottingham, had both of her legs amputated as her body was ravaged by the deadly infection.

The business student at Nottingham Trent University also lost most of her left hand and the finger tips on her right from the Men W strain.

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