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There are many different ways cultures conceptualize their spiritual beings.These include, but are not limited to: Animatism, Animism, Anthropomorphism, Dualism, Euhemerism, Totemism, and Zoomorphism.In one instance, she helps a young women's relationship with her husband.The husband is cheating on his wife, so Moma Lola tells her to write his name on a piece of paper, tear it up, and speak his name.Both are historically significant, and while these are drastic examples, we still see prejudice today with attacks on Muslims based solely on religious ignorance.Anthropologically, religion has many purposes in society and its study can tell much about a culture that is not otherwise understood.Religions have their own rituals attached to their beliefs.

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A person that practices Voodoo magic may stick pins into a doll in order to inflict harm or put a curse on another individual; it is thought that by harming the Voodoo doll, one can manipulate the physical or emotional state of the person that the doll is meant to represent. Voodoo is often used to heal relationships or other personal issues.Religions incorporate myths into how they practice, and why they practice by conveying messages about the supernatural through stories or metaphors.They are used to help express ideas and concepts as well as help the followers achieve spirituality. Different parts of the world have different beliefs and rules that maintain their religion.Not all religions follow the same practices but there are some similarities between most, if not all, religions.

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