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8.34 [1496] Hour Magazine 22Oct1987 Interviews with actress Morgan Fairchild.

8.35 [1497] Hour Magazine 23Oct1987 Interview with actress Jane Wyman of "Falcon Crest".

Bregman of "The Young and the Restless" and actor Todd Curtis.

The Newly crowned Miss America Coping with divorce and safe sex. 8.12 [1474] Hour Magazine 22Sep1987 [rerun 29Dec87] Interviews with actress Elizabeth Taylor football star Joe Namath and former pro football player Thomas 'Hollywood Henderson on drug abuse. 8.13 [1475] Hour Magazine 23Sep1987 [rerun 30Dec87] Interviews with Elizabeth Taylor actress Tracey E.

8.32 [1494] Hour Magazine 20Oct1987 Interviews with actress Michele Greene of "L. Law" and hairstylist Jose Eber Coping with a handicapped child. 8.33 [1495] Hour Magazine 21Oct1987 Interviews with actress Sandy Duncan.

8.36 [1498] Hour Magazine 26Oct1987 Interview with actor James Brolin.

8.37 [1499] Hour Magazine 27Oct1987 Interviews with actress Betty White.

Canine companions 8.38 [1500] Hour Magazine 28Oct1987 Interview with actor Clifton Davis and The Forester Sisters.

8.39 [1501] Hour Magazine 29Oct1987 Interview with actress Stepfanie Kramer and Judith Sills author of "A Time for Romance". 8.40 [1502] Hour Magazine 30Oct1987 Interviews with President Ronald Reagan actress Judith Light comedian Harvey Korman author Marsha Posner Williams and Pat Ryan managing editor of LIFE magazine. 8.41 [1503] Hour Magazine 02Nov1987 [rerun 04Apr88] Interviews with actor Robert Downey Jr. Maureen Dean author of "Washington Wives" and Marilyn French author of "Her Mother's Daughter". 8.42 [1504] Hour Magazine 03Nov1987 [rerun 05Apr88] Interviews with model Kim Alexis Hairstylist Jose Eber with style trends.

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