Laying there, ass red and exposed, pussy dripping, on my knees with my hands tied behind my back. He fucked my throat holding my head still by the hair. 306 My trillian is Every man in the company envies you because you have a smart and sexy secretary.

She keeps you organized and is very detail-oriented, but she is also beautiful and curvy.

My slut has many more objectives to complete before the final task.

One of them is to deep throat a succession of ever larger dildos.


I bet you can guess from this picture what that might be…

You could say that you opened by mistake, assuming it was for you.

You have always wanted to get into your Sexy Secretary’s lingerie, but this is not what you had in mind.

By that time my slut was begging to cum so I said, with an evil grin, “Only if you fill the squirting dildo with your jizz then suck it again for me while you shoot your own load into your mouth. He stood, “You’re pinking up my dear, ready for some red? Knowing that nothing I said would stop the belt, until he was satisfied.

Shifting on my knees in reply, wiggling my pinking booty, and arching my back to present it to him, inviting the next; CRACK I slipped into the pain, the feeling of the belt, his soft words of encouragement now and then with a really hard crack became my whole world.

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