Fine dining dating

English or Northern Europe 1825 A Scandinavian Gustavian style table with drop leaf extensions.

Of the Art Deco period this table is a simplified version of the elegant 18th century tables often found in affluent residences of the era.

Our events are held in the top-floor Attic and Study areas.

This classy Italian restaurant manages to have a relaxed atmosphere during the day whilst emulating the fine dining establishments of Paris and Monte Carlo at night.

People come to this event from all nearby and surrounding areas and not just by people within the immediate city of Manchester.

The unique design , unlike English georgian tables, allows for a single pull out leg froom the centre to support the drop side extension.

you can open one side only if required but when both sides are open the table still retains a sturdy base frame unlike English gate leg tables that often wobble.

English circa 1760 Rare oval Georgian gate leg table is in solid heavy oak and walnut .

Beautiful patina of over 200 years of age, and lovely turned legs in walnut.

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