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Facebook Message Saver - Tired of accidentally losing a message before sending it? Facebook View Photo in Album - Adds a button above pictures to see them in their albums. Facebook Exporter for i Photo - Tag, caption, and export photos from your i Photo library directly to Facebook.Mobile - View your friends and interact with them while mobile.Countdown Calendar - Add a countdown on your profile for any event of your choice.Fridge Magnets - Allow friends to rearrange the magnets on your fridge to leave a message.Facebook Photo Album Downloader - download entire albums from Facebook with a click.Boost for Facebook - adds all kinds of Facebook-specific features to your browser, including skins, notifications, auto-poke, auto-login, friends in your sidebar and more.

Facebook Age Checker - Automatically converts the birthdays listed on Facebook to an age, saving you the math.

Forbes Stock Tracker - Track your stocks, see what your friends have, stay on top of financial news. Food & Drink Beeeeeeeer - Show off the beers you like and dislike, discover new beers to try. Drink Recipes - Add drink recipes to your profile from classics to new mixtures.

Jobster - Get job alerts on companies you are interested in. Cookbook - Share your recipes, find new ones, make up some of your own creation. Eating - Share your favorite restaurants and learn of new ones you might want to try.

Facebook is growing at a fast rate these days, with hundreds of new applications, scripts and Firefox add-ons driving that growth.

We've picked out the leading browser extensions, desktop applications, Greasemonkey scripts and Facebook apps - more than 150 in all.

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