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They can call ahead with a request for a specific girl and pay a deposit before arriving."That would guarantee that the girl they want is available for them at the time they want her", explains Adora."I went to college for four years at a time when the student loan debt crisis is out of control", she tells me. "I was in high school when I saw that show", Adora says. She busted the myth in my head about what a typical working girl was by making me realise that they can be educated and smart, that not all sex workers are drug addicts."I must have kept it in the back of my mind for years, without even realising it"."All of my paycheck was going towards my rent or paying off my student loan. And so, Adora applied for a job at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch through its website. "Before coming here in February, I'd never escorted or danced or done anything like this", she tells me.When it comes to putting herself out there, she clearly knows what she's doing.Adora graduated with two Bachelors of Art in sociology and anthropology, with a minor in operations management, in May 2013.Hof employs 550 working girls across his seven branches, and ensures that 150 are working at all times.Hof's employees can choose one of two working patterns.

And it's not because we're hiring girls based on age or beauty or body; it's because we need to keep a proper mix. She tells me that the people from her high school and college finding out what she does for a living was difficult for her.Alternatively, they can show up, ring the doorbell and choose a girl from a line up.Dennis Hof, the 67-year-old owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and six other brothels in Nevada, explains the concept of a lineup to me.Although the competition is tough, the process is very simple. "I come from a very strict Catholic-Portuguese background, so I didn't want my parents to find out about this job in some crazy way."They were surprisingly supportive."We get a 1,000 girls a month who apply for work", Hof explains. Are they really going to be able to be gone for four weeks at a time? They were fine as soon as I explained what this job entailed and how safe and clean everything is here.

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