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Margaret took a shine to Thomas and persuaded Taylor to buy the Manor House for the couple, which he did, for £2,000, on condition that Margaret stopped giving them money (she didn't) and that they would pay rent (they didn't).

Pros: Comparatively cheap, nice wood, nice finish, soft shooting, controls are excellent for rapid loading at the Sporting Clays range. I own 4 Sportings and love them; polished blue receiver and barrel, beautiful wood, and excellent reliabilty. They may not handle as wide a range of loads as some guns will, but mine have been quite reliable with the loads they like. I shot with a guy last week who was shooting a 28 gauge Sx S choked full. It goes longer than I need it to between cleanings and when it is time to clean it is an insignificant amount of time.

'In the 1940s he used to take the milk in his cart early in the morning down to the station.

On his way back, he'd often find Dylan passed out in a ditch after a night at the pub down the road.

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For in the late 1940s this was the home of the troubled yet brilliant poet Dylan Thomas, and it was here that he wrote much of his masterpiece Under Milk Wood, a radio drama that was later turned into a film starring Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter O'Toole.

But in a letter to his parents written in July 1947, Thomas says: 'I want very much to write a full-length broadcast play; and hope to do it in South Leigh this autumn.'Recent research suggests most of the first half of the play was indeed penned at the Manor House.

But it wasn't until he was locked in a room in New York did he produce the final version just half an hour before its premiere in 1953.

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