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En-suite rooms have their own bathrooms with WC/basin/shower, apart from room 7 which has a bath tub with shower over. Superior room (room 3) has a zip & link Super-king bed. Alternately a pre-authorization against a credit/debit card can be made to cover the first nights tariff.There does need to be cleared funds on the Credit/Debit Card because they will go into the banks holding account for 3-5 days, they are only taken off the card if cancellations are made, which are not within the terms of our cancellation policy.Indeed, 37 percent of the surveyed participants believe that a couple ought to know each other's credit scores after dating for a few months.While the results don't suggest you should pelt your date with questions about his or her credit before the main course arrives, said Mike Cetera, a credit card analyst at Bankrate, "you want to get to the heart of 'How do you manage your finances?"You'll see the purchases they make at a store, the types of dinners or beverages that they pay for," said Cetera.Differences in spending habits tend to fuel fights once a relationship gets serious."Whether they pay bills on time or whether they move a credit card balance from one place to another to keep debt collectors at bay," said Cetera.Once you and your partner become serious enough to discuss your joint finances, prepare for an open discussion of your credit card histories and more.

If a 2 night or more booking is made on a weekend & either 0 or 1 night is taken by the guest they will be liable to pay for 2 nights if re-letting of their room/s is not made.

"If it isn't aligned with what you think is affordable for their station in life, then that can be a red flag," Cetera said. "You can talk about your own experiences." More from Your Money, Your Future The latest mortgage perk for millennials: Reward points Six common myths that can wreck your retirement Five steps to turn your child into a financial whiz Proceed with caution if your date dodges the subject.

Share your attitude about money during a date and make it part of the conversation. "I think the number one indication that there may be a problem is that you bring up a topic and your partner gets skittish right away," Cetera said.

A 2016 survey from Chase found that the number one source of conflict among spouses who feud over money is splurging.

"Not saving enough money" and "deciding on big expenses," were second and third, respectively.

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