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SCP-3001 was initially discovered on January 2, 2000, at Site-120, a facility dedicated to testing and containing reality-bending technology. During this time, he was able to record his experiences and observations within SCP-3001 through a somehow still functioning LSS control panel, which was also brought into SCP-3001 with him through the Class-C "Broken Entry" Wormhole.

These recordings were later recovered upon the panel's sudden return, an unexpected side effect from testing improved reality-bending technology; these logs are the basis of SCP-3001 study.

Sitting down, the agitated, elderly gentleman makes known the purpose of his visit by proudly holding aloft a large, ledger like tome which, so he informs his companion, is "my latest creation, finished this very morning", adding "you are to be my audience." Thus do we realise that we are about to have the honour of hearing the tale fresh from the horse's mouth, as it were, for the agitated, elderly gentleman is none other than Charles Dickens himself.

In recent weeks ghosts, dozens - maybe even thousands - of them, have been appearing in my front room.When she/he takes Scrooge back to his past you are not in the least bit surprised that Scrooge's school room and Fezziwig's office look eerily familiar.Fezziwig himself is as far from the life and soul of the party as it is possible to be.Indeed, his Christmas largesse extends to a small glass of sherry for his two apprentices and a half hearted "merry Christmas" delivered with such little enthusiasm that you can't help wonder if Mrs Fezziwig, who is conspicuous by her absence, hasn't gone and run off with the butcher and taken the entire Christmas feast with her.And, in essence, that is the mood of the remainder of this re-working of the Dickens classic.

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