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A sincere, comprehensive movement on the strength of correct understandings of proper and higher morality and ethics, involving parents, guardians, teachers and all right thinking people is necessary to create social awareness on the issues and to find the right path to come out of the problem.

Sex and sexuality education is the process of helping the young as a guided tour though this journey of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy.

Instead of sex education and alternate method of sexual gratification, adolescents should be taught abstinence in sex and sublimation of sexual energy into spiritual energy for development of character and career.The Chairman of the Committee clarified that it was not on a fault finding mission; instead it intended to strengthen the education system of the country based on a consensus emerging out of a national dialogue and debate on the subject., issuance of a Press Release, taking evidence of representatives of Central Government, analysing written and oral views of the representatives of State Governments, taking field visits to schools and interacting with the stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, educationists, leaders of religious groups etc.The petitioners wanted to brief the Committee with a Power-point presentation but looking at the explicit contents in the hard copy of the presentation the Committee decided not to view such presentation.Moral values in life and advise as to why premarital sex is to be avoided should also be given simultaneously during these teaching sessions.There can be 4D approach to learning: Discover, Develop, Design and Deliver-New innovative methods of sexuality education have to be invented and developed to suit different age groups.

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